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CPDM USA Section:
Unity Progress & Democracy

CPDM USA Section seeks to extend the effort of the democratic party to the good people of Cameroon residing in the USA.



Short Term Goals

  • To create structures that will facilitate the Section’s activities 
  • Promote activities to help bring the Cameroonian community together again
  • Promote the Cameroonian culture through our Youth
  • Party membership drive and host yearly party events
  • Visit to Cameroon representatives in the US to launch the path for a more productive and engaged relationship 
  • Seek and help facilitate the development of micro projects in Cameroon


Long Term Goals

  • Development of party footprint in the US; more Subsections and branches
  • Propose initiatives for a more active participation and better representation of the Cameroon diaspora in Cameroon
  • Establish and strengthen relationship with other CPDM Sections in the diaspora and specifically in North America
  • Seek opportunities for sister cities between the US and Cameroon
  • To lobby for Consular Offices in Houston and Atlanta in order to attend to the growing needs of Cameroonians and Corporations in these areas that can do business in Cameroon. 
  • Advocate for the creation of Cameroon Economic Interest Sections in the US largest metropolis 
  • Help promote US-Cameroon trade  and investment 
  • Support for the continuation of the process for the recognition of dual citizenship