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It is true that Mr. Nanje has found comfort as the Section’s Communication Officer since the inception of the party in the United States in 2007.  First, his role was Section’s Education and Publicity Officer until the Central Committee split his position into Training and Communication Officers in 2015.

I have served under the first Section President, Sessekou Joseph N. Mbu and now under Yaah Patience Tamfu’s second term as Section Communication Officer. I come with the divine principle of “restoring honesty and pride in service” to the Section leadership.


I live with my wife and son in Atlanta. I am a blogger, and the proud owner of Nanje’s School of Creative Thinking (, 

a blog that deals with burning issues about the Oroko land and Cameroon. And we equally propose solutions on how best to address those issues. We also do investigative and consultative write-ups for individuals for a fee.

I bring a unique skillset to Yaah Patience Tamfu’s administration as someone who understands the genesis of the CPDM (Section) party and to be able, as Communication Officer, to be impactful in mentoring young militants throughout the Section.

It is important to know that I served as Communication Officer of the Exploratory Committee that was set up by Former Ambassador, Jerome Mendounga (in Atlanta in 2006) with Sessekou Joseph N. Mbu as president, to examine the possibility of CPDM Section’s existence and survivability in the United States of America. It has survived the “smell test” by proof of its continuous existence till date.

In addition to my portfolio as Communication Officer I do serve as the Co-Chair of the CPDM USA (2022) Section Conference to be held in Atlanta and I am the Liaison Executive for the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. This committee shall examine issues that are trending and propose solutions to those issues to the section to deal with in any form possible.


Responsibility in Propagating the Mission and Vision of CPDM USA. 

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I learnt before now that to be involved in politics you must have property rights.  That politics is not for the poor but for those who have amassed property through hard work. The poor in politics involve in malfeasance.

As CPDM militants, we must recognize the art of consensus building because to resent someone and his or her ideas simply because he or she is of another party is just not the right thing to do.

To survive in politics, we must change ourselves and the belief that we are better than others. We must not perceive others as foes but rather, as partner in development of our beloved country, Cameroon.

We have been blessed as CPDM militants to own all the levers of government; therefore, we must cease the opportunity as the leading ‘great minds’ of the country to do good for the entire country especially if we intend to maintain control. We must concentrate on collective proclivity rather than strive on individualism.

Development, development, and development should be all we must echo if our goal is to improve the welfare and wellbeing of the Cameroon people. The time for propaganda should have been over by now.

Despite our political positions vis-à-vis Cameroon, we must listen to alternative viewpoints because we all have interest in making our country better for all Cameroonians.

We must involve everyone interested in the development of our fatherland.

The CPDM party must assemble everyone interested in the development of Cameroon together for that singular purpose. If all don’t come together, use the few committed ones to get it done. However, more is better.


I was born in Kumba, Meme division in the South West Region of Cameroon. However, I hail from Dikome Balue in Ndian division. Often ignored in life is where we obtained our fundamentals in education. I obtained mine from Government Practicing School Kumba, a school which constantly received trainee teachers as an extension of students’ development. I continued my secondary education at the pristine colleges of Government Secondary school Mundemba and Nyasoso. Before traveling to the United States of America to further my education, I attended Government High School Mbengwi. I have every reason to be thankful to the government of Cameroon for providing my parents the opportunity to have affordable education.

My post-secondary education landed me in Jacksonville States University in Alabama where I obtained a B.Sc. in Forensic Investigation. I obtained other certifications in Police Administration, Courtroom Security, and Security administration. On completion of my studies, I did nine (9) months as a Detective Understudy at the Marietta Police Department.

I have however deviated from academics into farming where I am developing a cocoa and plantains plantations even though it has been vastly disrupted by the on-going war in the Anglophone Region of Cameroon. I am also part of a consortium which focuses on the production of chicken, fish and feed in Cameroon. I am equally a Board Member of the Balue Corporative Credit Union (BALCCU) a newly approved financial institution in Cameroon. I am one of the founders or Oroko Cultural organization in the United States of America and also the founder of Dikome Balue Development and Cultural Organization in the United States and the first-ever president. I have been the Vice President of Cameroon Students’ Association (CAMSA) in Georgia.

Earlier on, I worked with the prison system as a Juvenile Detention Officer and at the Devereaux Center where we rehabilitated dysfunctional and wayward adolescents. I had a nine (9) months stint with the United States army. A vast majority of my work has been in hotel and transportation business until recently where I diverted into Data Collection Engineer (collecting and processing data for 5G) working with Global Wireless Solutions.