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Loyal. Integrity. Enthusiastic

These are the characteristics most associated
with Mbassi Biloa Francois. He is serving his first
term as Training Officer of the Cameroon
People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the
US Section. He lives in Texas and he is married
with five children.
Francois is a pragmatic and focused individual,
who is recognized for making situations which
are impossible to be possible. He is an advocate
for professionalism in the Section and has a
history of fighting for community representation,
and public accountability.


As a powerful negotiator with investigations and staff development experience, Francois brings forth the ability to command respect and compliance of rules, while working to foster a patriotic and service-driven environment
through effective training programs.

Francois is a respectful and ethical leader, with exemplary teamwork skills, and one who believes in implementing firm and clear guidelines to generate a more collaborative environment for the Section. As such, he is committed to finding creative solutions to ensure that everyone in the Section receives the training and education they need. As Training Officer, Francoise takes his duty seriously to ensure that the Section members have a
comprehensive understanding of the Basic Text. This role requires a resilient professional versed in handling difficult situations with an innate ability to communicate effectively with members. He is extremely motivated and capable of maintaining the high-level organizational efficiency required to successfully oversee the Section’s training agenda.

He was formerly the Vice President of CPDM Nkolmelen, Sub-Section in Obala Subdivision.


To implement online or digital training programs for the Section.

Fun Facts

Francois has been known to say:


As far as life and the Nation Building are concerned, I believe Cameroon has a very bright future in the years ahead. Our country is about to become a rich and stable nation if five minor
conditions/factors are properly adhered to.

The recommendations are captured below:
1. A continuous dialogue with Anglophones, including any tribalistic issue(s) arising in the country.
2. Transparency: We should prioritize the purging of corruption and poor governance as a top priority.
3. The creation of strong Agricultural companies to produce food in an industrial manner. The implementation of an Agro-industry with practical incentives and less bureaucratic requirements.
4. The opening of job opportunities to the majority of people in Cameroon, based on social justice, equity and skills.
5. Cameroon: A pillar of Commerce and Exportations in Africa: If we have a plan in the next five years to multiply by five our actual Cocoa production, coffee, corn (instead of importing it from South Africa), plantain, peanut, beef, poultry, etc. Also, to open new modern markets (and eliminate dirty ones), we will automatically become a powerful economy in Central Africa. It is just a matter of political will from the country’s leadership. For example, let’s take into consideration how Ivory Coast develops its Cocoa. They have the policy to distribute young trees (about 3 million each) to all the eleven provinces of the country. Currently, ranking as the # 1 Cocoa producer of the world. Ivory Coast produces over 2 million tons of cocoa beans against only 200 thousand for Cameroon. In cash, Ivory Coast makes 2000 billion FCFA only on Cocoa sales.

Cameroon should work on becoming a great agricultural producer. This will help ensure that both businesses and jobs will be created. To our personal point of view, there are no plans yet to reach this goal, as the President of the Republic called for more production by reducing our importations while enhancing our exportation. Such a call will never happen if new Big companies are not created. In order to make things happen, we strongly believe that it should be voted in the Parliament, that over 60 % of the 2023 National Budget should be dedicated to a type of Marshall Plan for the Development of Agro-industry in Cameroon, in order to avoid that money to be stolen, it should directly go to every region and evenly distributed.


Mbassi Biloa Francois, earned his Baccalaureat (A4 German) at Lycée Obala, Yaoundé. Francois obtained a Diplome D’Etudes Universitaire General (DEUG) in Law at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences from the University of Yaoundé ll-SOA. He went on to earn a Pharmacy Technician certification from Everest College, an Associate Degree in Arts from Richland College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. He has also received extensive trainings at the Rockland Citizens’ Police Academy, Texas Academy of Correctional Justice, and Project Management at Harvard University. Francois works with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a Correctional Officer and Sergeant. He is a dedicated professional with several years of successful leadership experience with a reputation for meeting the most challenging organizational goals and objectives. Prior to joining the Texas Government workforce, Francois held positions in supply chain roles with Fortune 500 companies, such as, Amazon and FedEx Express. In these roles, he enabled the distribution of millions of products/packages a day throughout the United States and around the world. Leading to his motivation to co-found JOJOS trucking company LLC, with his spouse, Laurentine, where he is the President. He also worked as Principal cashier at the EZ Mart Stores, Inc., parent company GPM Investments LLC, together with its subsidiary the largest privately owned company in the convenience store chain of business.

Francois community service calling has been influenced by various role models over an extended period of time. He was fortunate to have benefited from the advice and leadership of some great political, religious, and military leaders who helped to form his steadfast desire to serve others. It is the presence of these personalities in his life that have shaped and greatly influenced his passion towards a political and patriotic commitment for a better Cameroon. The most significant influencer was Joseph BILOA MBASSI, his late father, the Former Mayor of Obala municipality for 30 years. Francois was blessed to work side by side his father, who trained him to be a very positive and strong respecter of Authority and Cameroon institutions. Another mentor who influenced Francois is H.E., Deputy Prime Minister, Jean Nkuete, Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee, who happens to be his father-in-law. One more influence on Francois’s involvement in community service is the Educator, Abbe Emile Nkoa, a Priest in the Diocese of Obala, and Founder of the Populorum Progressio Institute of Elig-Mfomo, Initiator of the canton Jura Switzerland-Obala Cooperation (Cooperation that created the Obala School of Agriculture). Francois is the author of two books inspired by patriotism of his Homeland, Cameroon. The first book is, Leadership for the 21st Century-The Secrets and the 7 Keys of Paul BIYA, 80,000 copies published and distributed by Tate Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. 100,000 copies sold-May 2014, as a contribution to fight terrorism and BOKO HARAM. The second book, “Milliardaire-Le Cameroun en Marche,” was published by 48 hours Book. Francois has also featured in various news publications. He is a member of several organizations: the American Criminal Justice Association, the Police & Firemen’s Association, and the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation.