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Second Dispute Officer CPDM USA


Objective. Approachable. Tactful

These are the characteristics most associated with Rev, Dr, Nkukuma, Edjoa Bamela Engo. He is serving his first term as 2nd Dispute Officer of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the US Section. Nkukuma Engo currently resides in “The Diamond State” of Delaware. He is the father of four children and four grandchildren. He speaks five languages. 

Nkukuma Engo, is the son of Nkukuma Paul Bamela Engo Sr. (late), Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Cameroon to the United Nations, Judge, Professor, and Diplomat. His  father, had a tremendous influence on his life and that of many others. 



His father was part of the African Independence ERA, a man of immense wisdom and advise, who instilled the love for Our Homeland, Cameroon, and heritage in him. He was internationally called, “The King” and was the only Judge at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) to keep his African Hat on all the times, as the tradition required for a man of his status. That is a great thing for a child to see in a father. Nkukuma Engo recalls his father’s advice to always be kind to strangers, even when they are not kind to you.

Nkukuma Engo is a philanthropist and a spiritual leader who inspires trust. His objective and respectful nature makes it easy for others to gravitate towards him for guidance. Nkukuma Engo’s technical approach, ability to adapt to all types of personalities, operational tempos, and operational environments enables him to serve at all levels in the CPDM USA Section. 

In his role, as Second Dispute Officer of CPDM USA Section, he understands the importance of a solid and trustworthy relationship with all parties. He is keen to ensure the view of each person is heard. He offers an exceptional perspective to the Section based on his spiritual acumen and communal nature, which is crucial for the success of the re-elected Bureau.

He previously served as Training Officer for the Mid Atlantic Sub Section. He also serves as the Oversight Coordinator for the Oversight Committee, responsible for obtaining independent expert advice and contributions on social, cultural, education, science and technology, business, economic, financial, health, politics, legal, policy and governance matters. 


To foster a communal and camaraderie environment for the CPDM USA Section.

Fun Facts

Nkukuma Engo has been known to say:



Rev, Dr, Nkukuma, Edjoa Bamela Engo was born to a Cameroonian father and a Cuban American Mother. His early childhood was spent between the United Kingdom,  Germany, the United States of America and Cameroon. Nkukuma Engo’s secondary education took place in the Republic of Cameroon and he subsequently moved to the United States.  After completing his Technical Studies in New York, he  returned to Cameroon and started a business in Heating, Ventilators and Air-conditioning systems. During this period, he got into politics with the Cameroon People’s Democratic (CPDM) Party in Ebolowa, Cameroon. 

In 1988, Nkukuma Engo moved back to the United States of America to further his education. He enrolled in Theology and Metaphysical Sciences studies. While studying and working, he started his own Messianic Ministry and has been involved in missionary work in the Philippines and the Caribbean. In 1996, he co-founded a business consulting firm in Florida with his spouse. 

Nkukuma Engo has since fostered his education with various institutions such as; the AMORC University Higher Institute of Metaphysical Sciences, Stati Magia di Roma and Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn. In addition, he did specialized trainings in Corporate Security Management, Special Police law enforcement, Operations Management, Project Management, Gold, Diamond and Precious metals.

Driven by his passion to serve, Nkukuma Engo has sponsored several community outreach events and is engaged with a variety of organizations. He is the founder and chair of the Global Coalition Against Racism, a civil rights association. He also currently serves as chair of three Boards of Directors, US Minority Chamber of Agriculture and Industry, The Renouveau Action Group and AGAPE Group LLC.