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Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the US Section. He lives in Georgia, the “Empire State of the South”. He is a husband, father, uncle, friend, speaker, community leader and is passionate about serving his Homeland, Cameroon.

Sango Sammy had a humble beginning and was raised by his uncle N. C. Njumbe, who was the CNU (which later became CPDM) President for MEME Division from 1967 to 1982 when he retired. He will be the first to say his ability to be a people’s leader is as a result of the privilege of observing, and leaning from his uncle who served his constituency with integrity, tolerance, compromise and worked across aisles/political ideologies for the common good of our Country Cameroon under the first President Amadu Ahidjo.


Sango Sammy is a very fervent leader, one who would go out of his way to ensure everyone has had their say. He is dedicated to driving the Section’s objectives in the direction and flow of a fair and smart way to enable community development. He is the Chair of the Oversight committee, responsible for obtaining independent expert advice and contributions on social, cultural, education, science and technology, business, economic, financial, health, politics, legal, policy and governance matters. As such, committee members are apolitical, therefore, CPDM membership is not a requirement, to help ensure the views of all Cameroonians, Cameroonian Americans, and Cameroonians of African Descent, independent of political affiliations, religious beliefs and tribal origins are heard. Sango Sammy Ngalame is serving his second term as Vice President of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement. 

In his role, as Vice President of CPDM USA Section, he evaluates the Section’s performance and helps develop plans for execution. He offers a unique perspective to the Section based on his business

acumen and experience. He devotes countless hours to community work, all of it with a passion for his Homeland, all of it as a volunteer. He served two terms as South Eastern Subsection President, CPDM-USA, from 2007 to 2015. He was elected Section Vice President, CPDM-USA in 2015. He founded the Bakossi Cultural & Development Association in Georgia and the Cameroon Community of Georgia (CAMCOGA) Association. He also served as President of the Cameroon Students Association in Georgia, National President of Bakossi Cultural and Development Association, USA. 


To Develop and implement strategies aiming to promote CPDM USA Section’s mission and “voice”.

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Sango Ngalame has been known to say:



Sango Sammy Ngalame holds degrees in Architecture, Construction Engineering and project management.  Sango Sammy, possesses an exceptional background of success directing multi-faceted business units, with a unique blend of skills and a proven record of helping his clients achieve results. His approach to business stems from his experience in various leadership positions, where he has created teams, customer service support, developed project plans and execution strategies, and headed new business development.  

Sango Sammy is a Senior Partner and Project Manager at  Premier Royal Construction, LLC.  In his role, he recruits strategic partners and cultivates strong business relationships, while creating and responding to feedback loops to assess and advance progress towards measurable, time-bound improvement goals. He also does work as an independent Consultant in Construction Development 

and Management.  He works with partners to look past commonly accepted system flaws, find new opportunities to leapfrog projects to new heights, develop common tools and resources to speed design, adoption and scaling up of collective initiatives. He held other positions previously in acclaimed institutions, the most recent was working as a Consultant, Senior Construction Analyst & Quality Control with the United Stated Small Business Administration SBA-FIT. 

Sango Sammy is the founder, and a member of various community organizations that encourage civic engagement.  He is a proven community leader who brings together and inspires the community around shared goals and a common interest. In these endeavors, he demonstrates leadership and collective action and a steadfast commitment to achieving communal interest. He looks for, works with and supports organizations in the community that share the values of communal leadership and collective action and a steadfast commitment to achieving development. Highlighted examples include but not limited to:

  • International Students President (Southern Polytech University) – 2years
  • Cameroon Students Association (CAMSA- Georgia President) – 4 years
  • Co-Founder Cameroon Community of Georgia ( CAMCOGA)
  • Bakossi Cultural & Development Association (BACDA – USA Founder & President) – 4 years
  • CPDM-USA South Eastern Subsection President – 1 Term
  • CPDM-USA current Vice President – 2 Terms

Sango Sammy brings a rich history of service experience both on “For Profit” companies and “Non-Profit” organizations. As a results-driven leader, he is passionate about “creating an environment that allows people to succeed and grow with the end result being revenue and interpersonal improvement.”