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Passionate. Patron. Pioneer

These are the characteristics most associated with Chin Yufenyuy Ismaila. He is serving his first term as Economic And Financial Affairs Officer of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the US Section. He lives in Dallas, Texas and he is married with two children.

Dr. Chinson, as he is fondly called, has a sound knowledge of economic and financial principles, standards and regulations. He understands the importance of focusing on economic-driven duties such as development programs and strategies. He will use his superior data management skills to help track and analyze the Section’s community development initiatives. 


Dr. Chinson’s data analysis skill and multitasking abilities are instrumental as steward of the Section’s Economic and Financial affairs. He will identify potential opportunities and determine where further activities could spur growth to accomplish the Section’s economic strategy and recognize when its configuration should change. 

Also as an Administrator with a broad perspective of the Section’s activities, Dr. Chinson’s observational skills when communicating with others to identify key problems and pain points that slow down economic programs will help guide the Section. 

He was elected as Section Auditor in 2015 under President Patience Tamfu’s first term.


To establish economic stability for the Section.

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Yufenyuy Ismaila Chin, was born in Kumbo, the Northwest Region of Cameroon. Ismaila attended Primary School in Takija, Kumbo, Secondary School at Islamic High School Kumbo and Government Bilingual High School Kumbo. Ismaila was awarded a Libyan Government Scholarship in 2004, to study in Tripoli, Libya. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from Tripoli University, and he did courses in Management and Organization at the  Academy of Graduate Studies in Tripoli, Libya. 

Ismaila is the Finance and Sales Manager of One World Cars LLC. in Dallas, Texas. He is in charge of Exports to Africa and Europe. In this role, Ismaila’s goal is to drive portfolio change aligned with changing customer needs. His responsibilities include, end to end management of sales activities, developing new service offers and working with product teams, marketing, sales and delivery to ensure flawless execution at regional and country levels. He also plays a key role in the continuous development of strategic reseller and supplier relationships, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace. 

Prior to joining One World Cars, Ismaila had a well-established career in public relations and professional services. His experience in public relations involved roles at the international relations level with government institutions. Ismaila served two Ambassadors, H.E. Dr Samura and H.E Ambassador Jalloh as Public Relations Officer/ Translator at the Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Tripoli Libya.  He also served as Assistant Public Relations Officer for the Cameroon Liaison Office accredited to Tripoli Libya, under the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Tunisia. 

Growing up, Ismaila observed that his Father, Imam Chin Sale was always in support of President Paul Biya and CPDM activities. He watched him participate in state events and several community occasions. This left an impression on Ismaila, he became interested in community service and adopted the same spirit from his Dad. Ismaila’s untiring commitment and drive to bring more autonomy to the citizens of Africa has led to his service as a strategic liaison with service providers and community leaders. 

Ismaila has organized and participated in several conferences, exhibitions and promotional events for Africa. Highlighted examples include:

  • In December 2008, he worked with the African Council of Religious Leaders (ACRL) Conference Organizing Committee, in Tripoli Libya, with some African Presidents as participants. 
  • In July 2009, he actively participated in the 12th Extra-Ordinary African Union summit in Sirte Libya. 
  • In November 2010, he actively participated in the 3rd Afro-European summit in Tripoli Libya. 
  • In November 2010, he was at the forefront to welcome H.E. President Paul Biya, and CPDM party Chairman with the First Lady, Mrs Chantal Biya from the Airport to the Presidential Residence during an official visit to Tripoli Libya. He also worked with Mr Foe Essendi, the former President of the Cameroon Liaison Office in Tripoli to secure the Presidential motorcade. 
  • In May 2008, he worked with the Libyan Pan African Movements Organization, with a goal to create a United States of Africa. As a Pan-Africanist, knowing that Africa is made up of traditional kingdoms, Ismaila secured an invitation for His Royal Majesty the Paramount Fon of Nso to visit Libya and meet with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
  • In July 2008, with instructions from the Libyan Leader, Ismaila led a powerful Libyan delegation to Cameroon to visit the Paramount Fon of Nso and his kingdom. Their visit was also to assess some projects that the Libyan Government could sponsor that were to be beneficial to Cameroonians in general.
  • In August 2008, Ismaila led a delegation of 24 Chiefs, Lamidos, Fons including the Sultan of Bamum to meet with the Libyan Leader, and several other Kings & Chiefs were also invited from across Africa. It was during this first visit with Col. Gaddafi that His Majesty, the Paramount Fon of Nso, Fon Sehm Mbinglo led the proposal to the Libyan Leader to engage with the African Traditional Authorities to foster African Unity and integration. This is how the African Traditional Council was created in 2010 and was given a seat in the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • In March 2010, Ismaila led the selection of about 26 students from across Cameroon Universities to attend the African Youths Conference in Tripoli, which was chaired by Col. Gaddafi.