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Yvonne is known for her fierce stance on accountability.  She is all about “the people”.  She learned early the importance of service to others and to  community. She adds a unique perspective, strong faith, and inspirational work ethic to her community. With a commitment to community and passion for service, Yvonne became co-founder and organizer of the Elite Trends World NGO. In this role, Yvonne leads the organization towards the realization of a strong benevolent alliance between the US and Africa. This has become a personal mission, driving her to collaborate with notable institutions. 

Yvonne Mbatti

As the Social and Cultural Affairs Officer, Yvonne works tirelessly for her Section. To manage and enhance relationships, and cultivate new ones, with targeted, high-level external audiences, including the media, celebrities, policy makers, and other key influencers with a range of backgrounds, experiences, and identities in supporting and advancing the Section’s mission. With an aptitude for managing diversity and inclusion, she takes great pride in serving the members of the Section. She is a servant leader who is as comfortable in the presence of great political figures and celebrities as she is with everyday community members. 

Yvonne previously served as Chair of the Youth Committee and Co-Chair of the Health Committee in CPDM USA Section, under President Patience Tamfu’s first term. Currently, she is the General Administrative and Oversight Coordinator for the Oversight Committee. She is also the Chair of the CPDM USA (2022) Section Conference. 


To drive organizational change in CPDM USA Section by efficiently leading various programs with commitment to deliver the highest quality of communal involvement and services.

Yvonne believes in a “Peaceful, Innovative and Prosperous Cameroon.”  She organized community outreach events, such as:


Fun Facts

Yvonne has been known to say:


The State Department acknowledges diaspora groups and individuals as the first to respond to natural disasters, economic stagnation, poverty or civil unrest. 

Some extracts from the 49th Cameroon Youth Day Celebration in the Diaspora, USA Speech presented to Former Cameroon Ambassador to the US, H.E. Joseph Bienvenu Charles FOE ATANGANA by Jason Nkwain:


Professionally, Yvonne is a Biopharmaceutical Executive, Business Consultant, and Philanthropist. Her signature skill is analyzing the root causes of business problems and executing solutions in the areas of health, hospitality, public administration, and non-profits. She is known as a fair and pragmatic leader who is an exceptionally innovative strategist.

She was born in Cameroon where she attended a missionary boarding school for her secondary education. She migrated to the US in her teens. At age 17, prior to joining University, she started her professional career in finance as a part-time Accounting Assistant at Delphi International in Washington, DC, an international relations exchange NGO. She worked there until she completed her college education and obtained a BS in Biology (Hons) from the University of the District of Colombia (UDC). This earned her a scholarship to pursue her graduate education in Public Health from George Washington University. Yvonne has done research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Georgetown University Medical Center Dept. of Pharmacology, and UDC. 

Yvonne’s passion for Biotechnology led her to acquire an MS in Bioscience Regulatory Affairs from Johns Hopkins University. Her biopharmaceutical journey began with her interest in public health and a desire to impact health care at a global stage. After graduating, Yvonne held various positions in the biopharmaceutical industry with increasing responsibilities ranging from a Research Analyst to senior management positions within Quality and Compliance Operations.

In her current role as a Bio-Pharmaceutical Quality Executive, she plays a key role in ensuring the availability of the multinational company’s portfolio of products across therapeutics areas of its vast Biologics clinical pipeline to patients, accelerating innovative science and delivering on targets for growth.

Yvonne also worked as a Sr. Laboratory Technician Contractor for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as a Microbiologist at Chesapeake Biological Laboratories (CBL), Inc., and as a Research Associate at Anmed Biosafe, Inc.

Yvonne’s hard work and dedication to service earned her the Volunteer Award at the George Washington University Hospital. She also received the 49th Cameroon Youth Day Celebration Award; for Outstanding Contribution to the Cameroonian Community in the U.S., This passion for service and wanting to impact change in Cameroon and Africa was the beginning of her involvement with Elite Trends.

She has championed activities to foster a strong benevolent alliance between the US and Africa. This has become a personal mission, driving her to collaborate with notable institutions such as; the US African Development Foundation, US Department of State, US Agency of International Development, State of Maryland, the District of Columbia, the African Union Representational Mission to the US, African Embassies in Washington DC, Representatives at the United Nations, and more.

Yvonne has sponsored several events organized for public outreach; Hosting Artists preparing for the Ebola Charity Concert at Filmore, Silver Spring, to leading platforms acknowledging ideological game changers and revolutionary leaders. A highlighted few, include Queen Mother, DR. Delois Blakely Community Mayor of Harlem, Ambassador of Goodwill to Africa at the UN, H.E., DR. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, African Union Ambassador to the United States, and Laurie Adams, the CEO of Women for Women International.

In 2017, she was invited by the President of the Republic of Cameroon; as a panelist, and the US

Diaspora representative to the Forum for Diaspora (FODIAS) conference hosted in Yaoundé. This initiative was launched to further enhance Diaspora relationships and contributions to their Homeland. In her continuous effort to give back, she accepted the call to moderate the 58th Cameroon National Day celebration in Washington, DC on May 20, 2018.

Yvonne is engaged in a variety of community and industry organizations and supports colleagues both as an informal and formal mentor. She believes it is her duty to grow and develop the underserved societies while cultivating a positive motivational and inspirational culture to empower generational leaders and scholars.