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CPDM USA; Roles and Responsiblities of Leaders

Roadmap Designation

Plan of ActionOwner
Communicate the Section’s Plan of Action - Vision, Mission, Goals & ObjectivesPresident
Build a consensus around the Section’s directionVice President
Make sure everyone KNOWS where they/we want to go
Schedule required meetings for the yearAssistant Secretary
Develop a sense of ownership of the planCommunication Officer
Ensure understanding of roles and responsibilitiesOffice for Lower Organ Activities
Conduct orientation programs and trainingsTraining Officer
Organization PerformanceOwner(s)
Plan and ensure adherence to the financial budget Treasurer
Focus on financial priorities – i.e., Membership dues and donations
Assistant Treasurer
Being a diverse and inclusive organization - Schedule required activities for the yearSocial & Cultural Affairs Officer
All Subsections to hold conferencesOfficer for lower Organ Activities
Hold a Section conference Social & Cultural Affairs Officer,
Communication Officer
Attend meetings as required by the Section, Subsection and Branch Executives, Members & CommitteesAll Executives
Mediation - Effective resolution of eventsFirst Dispute Officer
Audit Performance - Effective resolution of findingsAuditor
Be A Great PartyOwner(s)
Accelerate digital and technical innovation - Website and internal collaboration PlatformS&C Affairs Off.

Comm. Officer
First Dispute Off.
Propose initiatives for a more active participation and better representation of the diaspora in CameroonAdviser
Enhance connections with the community - Committees, organize and participate in events to help bring the Cameroonian community together again, and to work towards peace in CameroonAll Executives
Promote entrepreneurship and easy trade opportunitiesEconomic & Financial Affairs Officer
Grow the Section by adding new branches and SubsectionsOfficer for lower Organ Activities
Hold all Section, Subsection and Branch Executives, and Committee Chairs accountable for their performance in relation to their rolesSecond Dispute Officer